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Now I am even more router flummoxed

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Not only have I never before encountered a need for a plunge router but the D handled routers left me puzzled as to how they would be used for anything. When I use a router it is grasped with two hands straight out in front of me. This position gives me precise control, left-right and front-back because the handles are symmetrical and the router centered to my control. It would seem that the D handle would be suitable for pushing or dragging a router and neither of these motions seems ideal, or even useful. What am I missing?

In addition to the usual edge routing which I do on a table if I can, I use a fixed base router for template routing and most often for wasting out hinge mortises, half blind dovetail waste, and other waste, where I am free-handing wood removal to a scribe line at a critical depth. None of these operations benefit from a plunge base.

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