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Re: Bar stool for Derek Cohen

Barry Irby
Had you already posted that picture? I did not review your post, but maybe that's why it looked like something that would interest you.

I like that stool except my "Engineering Brain" wants to see rungs bracing those back legs.

The back Escheric stool looks more comfortable that the closer one. I like the rolled down edges, makes it look like it would not cut into your legs. The back one appears dished out a bit and that would fit your butt better.

There is a craft brewery about a 100 feet from my office. (Is that a thing in OZ? Craft Beer?) We wander over occasionally. They have about a hundred steel bar stools with hard slick flat tops. Horrible to sit on. I keep wondering why they would put such uncomfortable seating. OTOH they are tripling the size of the place and opening a second location. But I don't think better seating would put them out of business.

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