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Re: Plunge Routers.....uses of..... *PIC*

Mark Hennebury

hi Derek, ummm... what don't i use routers for fixed or plunge?
I use fixed routers for template routing, in many different materials, wood plastic, fibre glass, aluminum Steel, cast iron, i use them for cutting and grinding.

Routers revolutionized woodworking and plunge routers revolutionized routers. The possibilities are endless, i use routers for many things. Lots of woodworking stuff of course, template routing, jointing against fences etc..

Woodworking template routing

Metal lathe ID & OD grinding

Grinding cast iron linear ways on ta tablesaw sliding top. using the linear guide and table from a tenoner as the guidance system

Cutting a 1/4" plate steel machine base to fit a new electric box. I used the plunge router on this, but could have used the fixed base.

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