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Re: Plunge Routers.....uses of.....

Hank Knight

From my personal historic perspective, routers became popular in the late 1950s with the Stanley chrome-dome fixed base model. Rockwell, Bosch and others followed. All were fixed base. We used them for edge profiling, template routing and other such stuff for which fixed base routers were suited. As I recall, plunge routers didn't start showing up here in numbers until the 1980s. They were a revelation. You could do things with a plunge router that were difficult or impossible with a fixed base router. They have been big sellers ever since. I don't have any data to support my view, but my guess is that plunge routers outsell fixed base routers by 2 to 1 now. I still have a couple of fixed base routers that I use occasionally, but I almost always use my plunge routers, even for tasks for which a fixed base machine would be perfectly adequate. I don't think fixed base routers are the norm here anymore. Those that remain are leftovers from an a earlier time, or were purchased for use in a router table with a lift.

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