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Re: Plunge Routers.....uses of.....

Sgian Dubh
"Roger, I find the tone of your post really interesting. That is, that plunge routers are the exception to the rule in the USA."

Derek, when I moved to the USA to work in 1993 I was quite taken aback to discover that most routers in that country were fixed base. Plunge routers were just starting to make real inroads into the market if I recall it right (no guarantee on that though). DeWalt were getting in on the act, and because they were basically Elu's (much like the ones in your photographs) with a wasp coat on, I bought a few I was very familiar with the way Elu routers worked. Other brands common in the US were trying to get their heads around the plunge router concept, some better than others. I never did take a shine to Porter Cable's efforts in that market.

Prior to that, the last fixed base router I'd seen in action was an old Black & Decker job that must have come out of the ark, i.e., circa mid-1950s, and that was here in the UK. I don't think I've seen a fixed base router here since that one some time around 1975'ish.

Plunge routers took off fast here in the UK when they showed up sometime in the late 60s and were the death knell for 'antiquated' (sic) fixed base jobbies in a matter of a few years. It's a mystery why here in the UK we adopted plunge routers with alacrity, and yet the Americans somehow still, even now, slightly resist their charms. Who knows why such marked cultural differences and preferences persist, but they do, ha, ha.

The whole of this post was written tongue in cheek, metaphorically speaking. Slainte.

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