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If you have one that works model numbers...

Gary Smyth
To hell with the virtues of what can be achieved with a plunge router. Most of us know what is possible.. I would rather know what router does the job. If you have one that works tell us which specifically you prefer. Some are powerful, some are comfortable in the hand, some are plunge in name only. Put your opinion out for us to look at, review and consider. I have Porter Cable 690's with plunge base, Craftsman 315.278110, Bosch 1613 EVs, Freud FT2000E and the DeWalt 625. Of those the most confidence I have is with the DeWalt and the Bosch. The Bosch for control and the DeWalt for deep, heavy cuts. All are heavy and require care but the soft start of the DeWalt gives me time to get ready. I've never had it bog down, and the weight distribution is manageable.

If you have other choices list them and why.

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