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Re: Plunge Routers.....uses of.....

Keith Newton
Hey Roger, Glad to see your templates. I'm curious about the line boring template. I've been doing that since the early eighties, although mine are actually 12" wide with the holes located 1.5" back from the front edge, so when I lay it on top of the side to be drilled, I clamp them flush with front and bottom, so the mounting plate is the right distance for hinge mounting plates. I can't tell from your pics if the holes have a bevel to help funnel the guide bushing in, but mine do. I've had a Ryobi plunge set up just for drilling for about 35 years. I can drill 1.5 holes per second with this, or 90 per minute.

I was wondering if the smaller holes are for indexing?

I also have a separate base cabinet side template with the holes for a wide array of options like 3 or 4 drawer stacks, or door with drawer over. This eliminates the need for leaning down and reaching back in to screw on the hardware. I can screw the slides on before building the box.

For many years I've been using a template kit for routing ellipses that is very versatile. Its actually just a stack of 3/4" plywood scraps that I cut a 1/2 T slots down, then some with a T slot across the short way. I then clamped those together face to face with a 1/2 template in the slots to guide another router with a dovetail bit so they can all be clamped together with little butterfly keys. I can quickly snap them together when slip a UHMW slider in each of the slots that are screwed to the trammel arm. I've routed hundreds of perfect ellipses over the years, without having to chase little lumps or dips in the line that are not just perfect.

Another of the most frequently used is the mortising jig, based on the Tage Freed, but with modifications to clamp in a bench vice.

Most of mine are Makita, and I'm partial to the square base.

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