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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
I still have a large stack of Cherry I purchased at an Estate sale near my home about 10~15 years ago. The property was owned by an Old Order (Amish) family.

They had purchased a large home converted from a fairly old large school building and had a quite large sawmill inside the building powered by the front end of a case tractor.

The lumber included in the sale was extraordinary. The property also had a large barn and a building that was previously used as a commercial turkey farm about 150' by 50 wide, there were also small buildings. These were stacked full of air dried lumber. It took the auctioneer 2 days with skid steers to move enough stacks of lumber to areas in the yard so most of the wood could be seen. Several semi's and large trailers left fully loaded.

During the sale I saw a stack of stickered cherry laid out on two skids total a little over 8 ~ 9 foot long x about 6 foot high. The wood had been air dried with several sacks of concrete holding it flat. It appeared it was one tree, and it had boards up to over 24" wide, all were cut about 4/4 to 5/4 thick.

I was told most of the wood was several years old. The stack I purchased had one or two of the concrete sacks torn open and it was covered with dry concrete dust. It was difficult to see it was cherry. I ended up bidding against one other guy and bought it (as I remember) for about $60. After cleaning the dust off, it filled my 12' by 7' trailer.

After re-stacking in the upstairs of my shop, I cleaned up a couple of boards with my joiner and planer and found much was full of beautiful figure. It did have some PPB damage near the edges in the sapwood but no new infestation. I haven't had a project deemed worthy of that wood as yet, probably will be left to my son!

I bought a few other lots of lumber at that auction and had to make a few trips as I estimate the total weight exceeded 3 tons!

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