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Re: Plunge Routers.....uses of..... *PIC*

roger lance
Derek and Bill.....good morning to you both.

That is very interesting that in Oz, plunge routers are the norm. Now, I'm coming to this as a guy who bought his routers 25 years ago after attending the Norm Abram school of woodworking. I bought what was at that time some really well made Porter-Cable 690s.....and made use of their interchangeability of motors and bases.....even, my small router table has a modified PC router base attached to it and I just put a motor in when I use that table.

My preferred base is the D-handle far. It gives me excellent control of the router.....two hands.....great balance.....and control of the on-off at my finger without taking my hand off the router.

The PC products.....including the plunge base.....have proven to be adequate for my routing needs and I have not looked to upgrade my collection which includes 2 D-handle routers, 1 standard base router, and the plunge base.

Over here, I think your observation is correct.....we've been marketed the standard base routers.....with the plunge based tools being a secondary choice.

Certainly, router products have moved on from my time.....and, I have to admit I've not kept up with what is the latest and greatest.

If, you get the chance Derek, try a D-handle.....I think you'll like it.

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