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Re: This discussion is getting interesting

Barry Irby
I have found hundreds of uses for the plunge base router. It does require a mind set. Part of it is the idea of presenting the tool to the wood or the wood to the tool.

I never considered the "feel", at least not consciously. The closest thing I do to requiring the feel the rounding over edges or beveling them.

In one of my posts about your table top I mentioned pulling gently on the router outward. If there is a little slop in the pivot, you make one pass pulling outward and then a cleanup pass pressing inward to clean off the last 1/32".

Is listening to the router part of the feel?

When taking heavy cuts it's important to have the router firmly in place and watch and feel for vibration and chatter. Cut direction would be akin to a spoke shave. I have marvelled many times at how versatile routers are, considering they are just a motor spinning a bit and are not even reversible. Perhaps that simplicity is what makes them versatile. I mean, who would have thought you could make cove moldings on a table saw?

Come to think of it, you can cut circles on a table saw also. There is another option for you.

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