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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
""where is a fixed-base router preferred?". " The thing I value most in a router (for how I use it) is its "feel". The combination of handles and weight distribution affects my perception of control. A lot of my routing is by "feel" and I loose feel if the router is not compact with a low center of gravity. It is not uncommon that I am routing free hand to a scribe line and I want to be able to just kiss it. But even edge profiles benefit from feeling how the machine is cutting. My preferred machine is the DeWalt, though the old Porter Cable "felt good" but had awkward depth adjustment.

Requirement summary- low center of gravity, ergonomic handles, precision adjust of depth, excellent visibility of the bit. Other than this table edge need I have never needed the plunge feature in a router. Maybe if I had one I would find uses?

The two plunge routers I got rid of lacked the "feel" I find valuable.

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