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Re: Plunge Routers.....uses of.....

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
The discussion below about cutting a circular table top caused many to advocate using a plunge router to do the deed. Surprisingly, some don't have that tool in their shop.

Roger, I find the tone of your post really interesting. That is, that plunge routers are the exception to the rule in the USA.

Here in Oz it is impossible to purchase a fixed-base router. Plunge routers are the norm. I actually have difficulty understanding how fixed-base routers could become so popular and why plunge routers have not replaced them. My question to you (and the forum) is "where is a fixed-base router preferred?".

My trio ...

Another one in the router table ... !

And a couple of these for decoration. One day I'll rewire them and find out what the fuss is about :) ...

Regards from Perth


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