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Plunge Routers.....uses of..... *PIC*

roger lance
The discussion below about cutting a circular table top caused many to advocate using a plunge router to do the deed. Surprisingly, some don't have that tool in their shop.

Its really been years since I gave my plunge router much thought.....its part of an old Porter-Cable 690 router package where you just bought the base and install the motor when you want to do some plunge work. I'm sure that there are better plunge routers around; but, this combination has worked well for me.

Combined with various jigs, you can do a lot of things in wood working. Two of my favorite jigs are for dadoes and shelf pin holes.....

There are more uses that come to mind including stop dadoes, slots, mortises, circles.......

I'm sure there are many more uses for this handy tool......please list away and help build a case for why one should be added to any well outfitted shop.

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