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John K Jordan
>>>I can not overemphasize the risks of milling and drying lumber if you don't have the experience to do it correctly.

Don, Bill is right on the money. It is easy to mill and dry poorly and end up with mostly useless lumber. Some species like cedar and walnut are easy. Oak can be horrible. I've had persimmon warp so much that 8/4 boards 12" wide turned in to potato chips even with stacks of concrete blocks for extra weight. Even something simple like stickering can cause grief if don't incorrectly.

I haven't had much trouble sawing and drying 4/4 and 8/4 black cherry but I have seen some for sale that was nearly useless. Milling a lot more than she needs might give a chance in getting enough wood to make what she wants. As Bill implies, finding the right trustworthy people to do it is key, more difficult if doing this long distance. I really like the idea of referrals through a woodworking club.


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