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Earlier I posted about my website on Network Solutions which needs updating. I hired a photographer and now I have good pictures. I was thinking of moving to another web host because I can't seem to get the SEO done correctly. I entered all the keywords in what they call the "image cafe." But, they won't help me unless I purchase a "marketing plan." So here's where I am stuck - can I do it myself to get the SEO set-up done right, or is this something the web host has to do? If I can do it myself, where can I look so get the step by step instructions, I'm a much better furniture builder than an IT person. Sorry, I know this is not a woodworking topic, but I know many of you are savvy at this so I thought I might ask for help. Network Solutions seems to only see dollar signs and it was suggested I try Squarespace but I need to get this SEO question solved. THanks,

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