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Re: Milling N Y Cherry Logs

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The stated goal does not require much lumber. However, for the table top the lumber is going to have to be at least #1 Common to get clear lengths long enough. If the logs are good quality, not field trees, it will not be difficult to get suitable lumber for table top and book shelves. No more than 2 logs worth sawing will do the job. The logs should be cut to length to not have much waste from cutting the table tops. For example, if the top is 5' the logs should be cut at 10'6" or thereabouts.

Neither project can use much if any lower grade lumber, unless the book shelf is not very wide. Even good logs will yield a significant amount of lower grade lumber. If I was faced with this project and I could work it out with a mill I would sell the lower grade to the mill to off set the processing bill.

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