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Milling N Y Cherry Logs ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
There is great opportunity here to spend a lot of money and wind up with lumber not nearly as good as it could have been, or if the logs are not suitable wind up with lumber unsuitable for its intended use. In general, it is not a trivial task to manufacturer you own lumber without considerable experience doing so. The opportunities to degrade some or all of it is great, especially so for cherry. (BTW, NY has excellent cherry) The best option would be to saw the logs and have someone experienced stack and dry and then move the dry lumber to Ohio. Ideally you can find a mill that knows how to saw lumber for furniture use ("saw for grade") and let them make the decisions you need to make.

It makes no sense to move logs to Ohio. It might not make any sense to move #2 and #3 Common grade to Ohio depending on what the intended use is. There are no restrictions on cherry.

Is it important to have the bark edges ripped off when the logs are milled? Not essential but it will make using it a whole lot easier.

Should the just sawn boards be sprayed with a borate or other insecticide before stacking?...probably not

I suggest you read my series of articles in the Articles Section about manufacturing hardwood lumber.

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