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Milling N Y Cherry Logs ()

John K Jordan
To me it would be simpler to hire a sawmill in NT and move the boards - less weight, easier to stack to transport. The sawmill can saw through bark although if you remove it you can make their lives easier since the bark can hold dirt and grit which dulls the blades. Some small sawmills have a debarker blade that cuts the bark away in front of the bandsaw blade.

You can have someone with a portable band mill come to where the trees are and mill them instead of the logger. Might compare costs. Woodmizer keeps a list of Woodmizer owners who are willing to saw for others. They gave me the option of signing up for that but I declined - it sounded too much like work!

I don't think cherry is a problem but you'd better check to be sure there are not ruls prohibiting moving green cherry out of, through, or into the various regions/states. Walnut, ash and others have strict quarantines.

If you mill and move the wood in the winter you shouldn't have problems with PPBs but it shouldn't hurt anything to treat the boards now.

You will lose less wood to end grain checking and cracks if you apply Anchorseal to the log ends even before milling. For cherry, I'd probably seal them soon after they hit the ground. Again, the urgency is not as great in the winter as the summer but it won't hurt.


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