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Thomas Skaggs, Foothills of Mount Level
All good questions! The doors are solid cherry. I routed out the zebra wood area to a depth of 5/16". I used aniline dye to darken the background. I turned the central walnut element and epoxied it in place. I milled the zebra wood to 1/4" thickness. I then composed the zebra wood piece by piece as I went around the central element. I did small areas at a time and glued them in place before moving to the next area. My biggest friend in the process was my stationary belt sander. I cut each piece a tad long and marked them for a tight fit. Then I snuck up on the fit with the sander. That way all of the pieces fit nice and tight.

I floated the drawer below the cabinet to help visually break up the mass and add some interest. I pre-drilled the sides of the drawer box. There is a glue bond between the legs and the box as well as fasteners.

For the hinges, I used Blum 110 soft close hinges. Perhaps that is a sufficient topic for a new thread all together. So I'll cover it that way. T.

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