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Re: Hey JKJ, What adhesive for polycarbonate

Barry Irby
Years ago, my son made a fish tank. Actually it was some sort of bio filter for a large tank but the filter itself must have held 40 gallons of water and had all kinds of baffles and fittings. I don't know what plastic sheet he used or what glue, but it worked perfectly. As I recall he would cut and assemble the pieces and hold them in place with blue tape. Then he would seal the joints with a glue bottle that had a tiny syringe attached as an applicator. The tiniest amount of very thin glue would wick into the joints. The joints had to be very closely fitted. That tank and the internal contraption held up for years.

What I am saying is, It can be done. I can ask him what plastic and glue he used if you need it. Might try perusing sites about building fish tanks.

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