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Re: Adhesives and polycarbonate

John K Jordan
>>>When exposed to some solvents it crazes and if under stress it deconstructs spectacularly.

That will make an interesting experiment, thanks! I'll try it on a thicker piece too. It will be interesting to see the effect of the wet vs surface crazing from dried solvant. I'll try it with the polycarbonate Weld-On 16 glue too as well as the acetone. I don't see acetone listed on the tube or the MSDS.

My current use for lexan is in a non-stress situation; I used it because I had it on hand. I made a 3-sided box to fit below my bandsaw table to cover the lower guides, designed to allow air to flow sideways across the guides. I've been using a "temporary" one made from cardboard for years and it has worked well, preventing the bit of sawdust spray from below the table. With the plastic box I can more easily keep an eye on things. I use magnets to hold it in place.

BTW, I love the dust collection in this 18" Rikon. I never have a buildup in the cabinet regardless of what and how much I am cutting. Sometimes there is a teaspoon or two of dust in the corners and sometimes not even that. I use three 4" hoses from a 6" duct.


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