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Re: Hey JKJ, What adhesive for polycarbonate

John K Jordan
I bought a tube of this: Weld-On 16:

I think most people use a thinner Weld-On since it sets up quicker, but I think the 16 has a higher strength. It does bond the two pieces together quickly but recommends 24 hours for full strength. I tried bending a glued joint and it didn't break.

Here is a description of the Weld-On glues for plexiglass and lexan

I'm using some pieces of polycarbonate that the ClearVue cyclone people sent to me about 5 years ago. If I remember correctly they said to glue it with the IPS Weld-On glue.

Our local metals recycling place sometimes has plastics at scrap prices but I haven't seen any cast acrylic or lexan yet. I did find some big sheets of HDPE 1" thick that I've been using for a variety of things. And lots of aluminum and steel, a few pieces of brass.

I'll send you a note. Thanks!


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