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Airtight Small Tins

Don Stephan
Stop Loss bag has been very successful at keeping varnish from gelling before it can all be used, but I use it mixed 50-50 with mineral spirits as a wiping varnish on turned wooded bowls and other small projects. I've been mixing and using small quantities of the wiping varnish from a quart paint can, but with so much air in the can the mix starts gelling within 3 days. I'd like to find small widemouth storage tins with an airtight lid, like a paint can lid, but haven't so far. Something like the very old wide mouth 4 or so ounce Johnson Paste Wax can with a paint can style lid, but after 10 years it's still half full of wax. I tried a hobby store and on on-line search, but small storage tins have thin screw-on lids that likely would be problematic - stuck threads, easily bent, . . .

Has anyone seen something that might work? I did consider marbles, which is a common solution, but how would I get the corner of the application rag into a few ounces of wiping varnish at the bottom of a can of marbles?


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