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T.M. Stock
TFWW has plans on the site for building their 12" blade saw, as well as a few pages of information on construction details, options, woods, etc. - a lot more than the FWW article presents. Joels also sells the components of the saw (handles, pins, blades in 10,16, and 24 tpi w/ pined ends, etc.) for those that don't have much in the way of metalworking capability. IMS, Joel based the saw design on the saws in the Seaton and Phyfe tool chests - nice looking saws that look pretty swank, even if all they do mot of the time is decorate the shop.

If I was replacing either my 1970's vintage Marples or the shop-made version, I'd consider gussying it up with one of William's tensioners. Heavy waxed dacron twine out of my ditty bag full of sailmaking and repair gear has held up well on both saws, as well as a larger frame saw, but TTFW carries new, unwaxed twine in a number of colors, including the ever popular neon green.

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