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Re: Rolling lumber rake question

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
I have almost all my equipment on mobile bases including 20" planer, 8" joiner, Unisaw, Drill press, Router table. I connect the mobile equipment to the dust collector with sections of flex tubing, it seems to work well for me.

I have an industrial shelving unit on rollers that I use to store cutoffs up to about 7' long. Sheet goods are stored against a wall.

My shop is 30' X 30' with and upstairs approximately 30' x 10' with knee walls. My long lumber (and some shorts) are stored upstairs. My stationary equipment is my 60 gal compressor, 3 HP Grizzly cyclone dust collector, Lathe, surface grinder, Jig saw and some bench equipment, (CMS, Morticer, grinders etc.). I have cabinets lining most of the walls holding my smaller tools and accessories.

I think most of us have issues with overcrowding our shops with odds and ends including wood and equipment we seldom use.

Don't think there is an easy answer to eliminate the problem except to bite the bullet and get rid of some items or moving them to an additional storage area!

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