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Re: Rolling lumber rake question

John McGaw
If my own experience is any guide, I'd say "don't do it!". My own shop is half of a standard-sized two-car garage which I walled off and which has a slight protrusion on one end, maybe 7'X6'. I thought that wheeled was the way to go and with the router table and CMS stand it worked out OK. But the sheetgoods and small-stock roll-arounds did nothing to help and both were eventually scrapped. Now the sheetgoods stand on-edge at one side of the garage, medium-small stock goes on the regular lumber rack, and small-small stock goes in a large storage tub. The tub finally did get its own wheels but it still takes up less space than its predecessor. Oh, and really small bits of exotics and special turning stock go into storage tubs too but those are in a general storage rack at the front of the other half of the garage.

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