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Re: Rolling lumber rake question

AZ in Colorado Springs
I have four tools on wheels. 1) TS: this is on four swiveling casters. Great to spin it towards the work bench for outfeed support. (It used to be on a mobile base with two fixed and two swiveling wheels -- what a chore to turn 90°.)

2) 14" band saw. This has the other mobile base. I just swing it away from the wall for cutting long pieces of stock, so that base works well in that application. The swiveling wheels are on the end of the base towards the blade.

3) lunch box planer. This moves around quite a bit to get near the shop vac, and then if space is needed for infeed and outfeed for long pieces of stock. All wheels swivel.

4) chop saw. It's moveable base is an old BBQ grill with the firebox removed. I put some 3/4" plywood across the top and centered the miter saw on it. Then I added stock supports on either side of the saw out to the width of the grill. For supporting long stock, I use a work mate (I made a support that clamps into the workmate with cleats so it sits at a level even with the miter saw). There's a couple of 2x4s underneath the plywood to stiffen it. I

My shop is also small, most of a two car garage, so being able to move tools around helps a lot.

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