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Re: Rolling lumber rake question

Barry Irby
Gary, You are correct, I do need more space and I have considered it. I considered adding an additional garage bay. Talked to an Appraiser friend who is also a woodworker. He did not recommend it based on it not adding much value in my neighborhood. Went and talked to a lifelong friend with a huge shop (compared to mine.) He pointed out that his shop was jammed full and he added an addition that was about 50% and it was jammed full. He added an additional building bigger than the shop and the addition and it is jammed full. He said don't do it, you just get more junk and fill the space. The stuff expands to fill the space allotted. So I did not add on.

Now what I need to do is purge the stuff, use it up, and empty some space.

The reason I was asking about a lumber rack is that I bring lumber in from outside storage for a project to have it handy and to let it acclimate to the conditioned space. With limited wall space it is laying in the floor and I walk on it. I was thinking that if I had a rack I could consolidate it somewhat making it take up less floor space. If the rake would move, even a little, it might help in getting around it to get to what is on the walls.

There is a wall of bookshelves and there is a pile of "shorts" leaning up against them. If I could move those to the new rack, it would open up the shelves. There are dozens of turning blanks on the shelves. I could move the turning blanks to less desirable storage and move things I need easy access to onto there.

My lifetime supply of bulbs are already out in the shed and the sticks can follow. My son has stuff stored here that can be rearranged.

I have a shaper I don't use often, that is on wheels and could be moved to where the sticks were.

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