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Re: Rolling lumber rake question

Gary Smyth
There is an advantage to a roll around rack in that is that it can be filled with what you need, have what's on it assimilated into a "normal" environment and have it ready as you need it. If a "A" frame type, you can pull from both sides. All of this is good if you have the room. The disadvantage is the it takes up space, You need space for it to turn, maneuver and have a path on both sides so that you can get what you want with the least hassle.

In your case don't do it. You state you are trying to consolidate. A new rack in the existing (crowded space) will make things worse not better. Your lumber is covered, stacked and stored already. You would be building something for no advantage in regard to existing space.

If you are as crowded as you indicate it would be better to assess what exists/need and start chucking stuff out before adding something big new. How many fluorescent bulbs did you tell us you have? Lifetime supply of sticks? From what you write you need more space, not space filler. Have you considered an addition? Either that or less purchasing. You are not alone. I'm a house/estate sale addict. Over time there is good stuff but no place to display it to advantage. You need space! Me too.

Just my opinion.

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