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Rolling lumber rake question

Barry Irby
I am trying to consolidate stuff and make room in my shop. I have a tiny shop and a space in the next room for storage. I have been trying to figure out how to make better use of the spaces. Stuff has crept in and taken over. It's very hard to reconfigure things once they have been in a spot for some time.

I am considering a roll around lumber rack. I have lumber outside in a shed and more still under tarps. Once I bring it in and dress it and do initial prep on it, it tends to stay in the adjacent space until I use it in the project. I have run out of wall space so I am thinking about a roll around rack. Any suggestions?

Horizontal or vertical? Most of my stock is short enough that I could store it vertically. I doubt it will roll far, just enough to jockey my way around it. To those of you with mobile bases on tools, do you move them around or do they just find a spot and stay there?

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