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Ellis Walentine
Hi Bill,

I'm wondering what your idea of "proportioning well" means to you. I'm also wondering whether there will be some kind of structure on top of the pedestal base to support the top?

Tables are interesting design challenges, as you don't usually regard them at eye level, but rather from a higher viewpoint, looking down. You can vary the appearance of the various members, regardless of their thickness, by curving the edges. For example, if you want the top to appear thicker, you can put a thumbnail or broadly rounded profile on it. And if you want the base and/or, the verticals to read a bit thinner, you might put a parabolic-shaped profiles on the edges.

The reason I asked about your plans for supporting the top is really twofold: First, I think it would be structurally advisable, to keep the top flat and to tie it solidly to the base; and second, it presents another design opportunity, to reveal some of the structure, thereby adding a note of visual weight in that area. Intriguing possibilities....


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