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John K Jordan
>>>John, did you buy this or make it? What is it and what did it cost?

I bought it, although the construction is simple and anyone with some machining ability could steal the design and make one for considerably less than the selling price.

I believe the usual price is about $500-600. I bought mine for less from a friend who is a dealer. I believe there are some knockoffs available, perhaps for less.

Check: You can ask Mr Google to kindly give you more info. I believe you can see pictures and videos. Compared to standard belt sander the big advantages of this are the means to hold the blade at a specific angle and move it down the flat and through the curves of the edge, the means to put a gentle and consistent secondary bevel on the edge, the actual grinding/honing belts they provide, the polishing belt, and the graphite backing pad they use under the sharpening/polishing area. The polishing compound looks very much like the white diamond compound that came with my Beale buffing system. I like the very simple but quick and effective means they use to adjust the belt tracking too.

This may sound like I'm advertising for them but I'm not. I'm simply a satisfied user after a couple of years of use.

It is so quick to put a perfect edge on a knife compared to most other methods I've used. I've never timed it but probably takes me no longer than 1 to 2 minutes to sharpen one knife. This is nice when I sharpen the 15 knives most used by the live-in chef. The pocket knives I use around the farm have never been sharper. (I keep six or seven identical knives and just get a sharp one out of the drawer as needed.) BTW, my absolute favorite pocket knife, after trying a bunch:


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