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Re: Knife sharpening Question, sanding belt? *PIC*

Gary Smyth
I mentioned earlier I bought a 1964 Rockwell 1 x 42 belt sander. I bought it for $10. That is less than the cost of a catalog/instruction book. Turned it on and the glued up pulley wheel shattered. Cost me fifty dollars for a new set, still available on line, and had to get the new wheels pressed on, but since then free sailing for the last six or seven years. Put on a 400 belt and over time burnished the grit down so I have no idea of actual grit now, but it is my primary grinder before heading to the Syderco ceramic. From cleavers, slicers. to chef, to boning, and paring. all have visited the grinder, never failed me and I’m particular about knives. By the way after viewing one in a pro butcher store a British Chantry porcelain honing guide (No matter what it says on the newer labels, it's not a sharpener -- it hones a good edge.) will do the job to keep things cutting clean.

Finally, in a pinch, if you turn over a porcelain plate and use the uncoated bottom rim. it can tune up a dulling knife.

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