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New saw purchase requires electrical upgrade

Doug Reynolds
I am researching upgrading my single phase, 3hp Powermatic 66 to a single phase 5hp Saw Stop which (per the brochure) draws 19.7 volts. I assume that is at start-up. I also run a MiniMax 20, 5.6 hp bandsaw on another 20 amp circuit without any trips on either.

I am a hobbyist who only makes furniture for my two children and, toys for charity. No production or commission work. I'm retired and woodworking is my hobby.

Saw Stop "will not" advise what amperage I need for the new saw stating I need to consult an electrician.

Any electricians out there with advice.

If I upgrade to a 30 amp breaker should I be able to simply replace the current 20 amp breaker with a 30 amp breaker without violating any electrical code or, burning up a motor or, worse yet, my house?

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