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Barry Irby
Tom, If I knew how to post a picture you would see that I don't spend a lot of time cleaning my shop, but my solution does not involve a dust pan. I have my dust collector connected to most of my major tools, but I have several that I momentarily connect to a 4" hose. I have a piece of 4" S&D PVC pipe (Thin wall light weight) that fits right into the DC connector. I have the end cut off at something like a 45 degree angle and I use it as a giant shop vac. My shop is so small the ten foot hose with the "wand" will reach most of it. I have a short piece of hose I can add if I need to. Works well. If you are careful it does not have enough suction to pick up metal so I don't lose a lot of screws and tools up the hose. No sweeping, stirring up dust. Works for me.

The only drawback is the size of the wand somehow hurts my hands (arthritis?). Considering adding a handle or two to help with that. The pipe was cheap, probably lees than the dust an you were considering.

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