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Tom dunlap
After work...and snow shoveling...I spent some time in my shop.

I bought a Uhaul type box van/RV. There are some rotted spots in the flooring that I removed. The replacement flooring will be burr oak. I rough cut all of the pieces and made a sawdust mess. After sweeping into a pile I was going to grab one of
My crappy plastic dustpans for one last cleanup before going over to Harbor Freight to get a proper dustpan

Well, as I put the garbage bucket back along the wall I saw a potential dustpan. I'd taken the hinged top off my multi drawer toolbox. The top was next to
The scrap steel bucket. A few minutes of layout and cutting gave me a dustpan with about 2" sides. It passed the first test. If it works I'll put on a handle

Scavenging and repurposing is such fun! It saved me a trip to HT, spending $9 and a bit of recycling too

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