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Something old and new on my radar, *LINK*

Keith Newton
As some of you probably already know, I like getting large old trees then turning them into something, and enjoy what I discover within them along the way. This article showed up in my inbox this morning, so I followed the link to Mr. Pollaro's site hoping to see how he intends to use this wood. It appears he has developed quite a market for his work, which doesn't stray far from the design of some of his favorite predecessors like George Nakashima and Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann.

While I was skeptical about cross cutting cookies from this old tree, it appears he has managed to deal with it fairly well in his portfolio. I'm a bit tempted to offer my design assistance in doing a base for one or some of them, although I doubt that would fly. ha

Anyway, after the long discussion about the design process, if you are familiar with the others mentioned above, you can see how either used their inspiration, if not just knock off their work.

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