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Re: A warning about recent Fine Woodowrking articl

TM Stock
I think I recall using my protest cancellation of what was a charter subscription for some truly monsterous transgression - I think it was a shot of Mario Rodriguez in cargo shorts, dress shoes, thigh-high Gold Toes, and a fresh wax job up top. I even got a call from some junior flunky at Taunton...

FWW: Good morning, Mr. Stock. As a Platinum Level, Special Concierge Service subscriber, we felt we had to call to discuss your cancellation of your subscription. Do you have a few minutes?

TMS: You idiots know exactly what you did. Last issue...Page really want to go there?

FWW: another 'Page 72' problem? I was afraid of that. Would it do any good - any good at all - to offer our most profound and sincere apologies? I could have Mr. Rodriquez call you...?

TMS: No, and stop making it worse.

So that was my one shot at a protest cancellation. That said, nothing else has come close to that...some things you just cannot unsee.

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