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Don Stephan
Not sure anyone suggested using a thicker slice of wood was not veneering.

I have seen numerous credible reports that slices of wood thicker than I think 1/8" are more likely to act like solid wood, possibly resulting in splits and other issues. For example, one certainly could glue a 1/2" thick board to an MDF or baltic birch plywood backer - there are no operational or physical issues preventing it. However, if in an environment with seasonal humidity changes one would reasonably expect that the plywood would remain unresponsive while the wood would try to expand and contract in response to the seasonal humidity changes. If the seasonal humidity changes are above a certain level, the wood MIGHT crack and/or the glue joint MIGHT fail.

Everyone is free to do complete their woodworking projects as they see fit. There is nothing wrong however with offering an understanding of wood properties so that everyone can make an informed choice.

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