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Re: Every journey starts with the first step.

"I realized that some folks just don't have the ability to visualize a three dimensional structure. It's not a failing, it's just a function of the way our brains are wired."

Probably not, a field mouse can make the most amazing house. You have to start. I think there are many reasons why people don't. Mental limitations may be part of it, but in many cases it is other stuff:

- The stuff you make yourself, is not branded. We live by brands. If someone else isn't there to tell you it is good, how would you know?

- Spouses. If you are asking someone else what you should build next, then why would you design it yourself, they don't know what is in your mind. When I built my wife's spinning wheel, I took very seriously the people who said it was a disaster for a spinner to have a woodworker for a spouse. So for instance I built the wheel out of MDF, because it is better for the spinner, and many other things.

- Ego: So your stuff looks a lot better if you are standing on the shoulders of giants, than if you are designing it yourself. So the piece you copy will strangely probably get more kudos than the piece you make yourself, even if it is great.

- The reason I started designing stuff from an early age was because I though people of my class were more likely to be designers than makers. I respected both, and had more contact with makers, but I just figured that was what I was supposed to do. Egotistical, yes, but that isn't always a bad thing. And anyway, when you are a kid, they treat you as though you might be a pipe fitter or a president, reality occurs later.

- Fear of failure. My one RULE is that if you try something and you are not entirely right, then you will probably be right the next time. If your reach doesn't too greatly exceed your grasp, then you won't be that wrong. But when you are in a product mode, you can't afford to get it wrong too often - dang it, I need those bookcases.

(I wonder what the average IQ of a person likely to buy such a book is. If it is low end, that would be a problem.) Does anyone know what it really means when they say you have to write for a grade six level, but we are talking about adults in a society with comprehensive education? Is there a chart for that?)

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