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Place a very intense light in your shop *LINK*
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HEPA Filter question? ()

Dick Coers
Then sand, and you will have the answer to how much fine dust is getting airborne. Maybe sand some red heart or padauk. The red always stands out better than tan. The way I understand one of the benefits of the Festool vac, is the adjustable suction. It lets you match air flow to the tool and makes the sanding operation more efficient.

I don't have one, likely a mistake. At our ages Barry, it could boil down to if and when we get to pull an oxygen bottle behind us. For younger guys, it could be a case of cancer or both. The deal with the finest particles is that they don't stop in the lungs. They get in our blood stream. Quote from Bill Pent website; "fine dust causes one in seven to develop such bad allergic reactions they must stop woodworking, forces one in fourteen into an early medical retirement, poisons a few, a tiny number develop nasal cancers and all lose about 1% of their respiratory capacity per year of work which worsens age related health problems and shortens lifespans."

A few more years worth $700? I see people spending every penny they have to live 1 more horrible year after getting a cancer diagnosis. I think I just convinced myself! lol

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