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Re: Kaboom theory.

I basically try not to get dust in the shop. But I do have collection also. Because of other stuff I do in the shop, I had to give up on really dusty projects.

That said, I have a dust collector, and one of those boxes that hangs from the ceiling and gets the fine particles out of the air. The dust collector itself will produce dust if you have it in the shop, and it isn't at least HEPA filtration. Mine uses felt bags, so it isn't hepa. I also have an airmate helmet, and a hepa vac for small tool extraction.


Where do we stand on the whole electro discharge from static build up threat? There used to be these stories about static discharging to water pipes or whatever, and melting them. PVC pipe with dust running through it can build up an impressive charge, and when it reaches the point where it can discharge to a ground source - Kaboom. This was a big issue for a while, and then it kinda stopped being something to worry about.

People would run wires through their system and into the electrical grounding of their electrical system. Then someone pointed out the charge was all around the pipes, so all you had to do was run aluminum tape on the outside, and I don't know... Run a band clamp around that, then ground the band clamp to the outlet. There used to be tons of discussion about this stuff. Anyway, if you want to reduce the static, you could see if grounding the pipes is worth doing.

I don't want to toot my horn here, but I have a lot of advanced knowledge about electrostatics, due to the fact that my local grocery has these shopping carts that discharge powerfully into your fingertips if you don't develop mastery in the field.

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