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organized saving does pay off

Tom dunlap
I e picked up several four drawer file cabinets. One with lateral drawers. That one holds cut down square buckets nicely for sorting.

One drawer in the typical file cabinets has several large coffee containers filled with small or large hinges, patches, door knobs etc. There is a theme here

I do cat in a tree rescues besides being an arborist. Onnthe last rescue the cat squirmed out of my gloved hand while I was trying to close the door of the carrier that I hauled into the tree. It flew downnsliding off flexible branches and hit the deck...60' flight. It was ok and I even got a generous tip

On the way home I thought of building a trap door on the carrier sonthe cat can't get away. While I was doing the windshield engineering on the drive home I remembered a pair of small spring loaded hinges in a coffee can. Sure enough they were there. I think that I got them in a box of stuff at a garage sale 20-25 years ago. Saved me the trip to the store and probably $10. The rest of the carrier was made from scraps in the shop

I tested it using my two cats. It worked, and Patch and Bandit scowled at me

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