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Dad's pocket knife
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Tom dunlap
When I was growing up I got my share of slivers. At first I'd gonseenthe household medic...Mom. The tweezers would come out along with the Bactine...I like that smell! Mom would excavate and usually get the splinter out times the household medic was busy so I'd get sent to her assistant...Dad. He would generally be sitting in his chair when I came up with my hand out for his exam. Let's look at that over here under the good light. So we'd move the couch where there was a bright swing arm lamp. Uh huh...let's look Then henlean over and fish out his pen knife from his pocket. I'd snuggle up close and bend my hand into the light. Biting my lip cuz I was used to the excavations done by the Household Medic. Dad never bothered with Bactine. Like Admiral Nelson of the Royal Navy he subscribed to the motto, No maneuvers, go straight at them!

Dads pen knife had been sharpened on the stone in the workshop so much that the smaller blade had a nice needle point Perfect for prying outnspliners. Dad never excavated either. Dad never made my hand hurt worse. Dad always got the splinter out and would hold it up on the tipnofnhis penknife like a trophy wallet

Years later Mom and Dad were in a pre-retirement Purge mode...see
The packrat thread. They asked my sis, bro and if we wanted anynof their goods before they went to Goodwill. Nothing came to mind until the next day. I called them that evening. They in Phoenix me in Minneapolis. I asked if I could have the penknife. Of course...

A couple of days later I got a small package in the mail from them. Yup...the penknife. I was seemed like Dad had leaned over inhis chair and pulled out the penknife to send it to me. That night...back when we had to pay high rates for long distance calls before 7pm...I called an apologized for taking the penknife out of his pocket. Dad let out a great laugh and told me that his buddies at work had gotten him a new pocket knife for retirement. The penknife was in the desk drawer

After a lifetime of Dads use the black bone sides have both broken off. The blades are like Black Bart's pencil thin moustache. It is now in my desk drawer for those times I need to perform self-surgery.

Come to think of it...I wonder if the use of Bactine by the Houseehold Medicnis what caused it to hurt. Maybe it was the snuggle and close contact with Dad that had an affect on the pain.

Thanks Dad!

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