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Pack rat VS Cleaning purge

Barry Irby
I mentioned recently about being at the age where I should start to purge and throw out as much of my junk as possible to save my kids the effort. So I have been Casting the evil eye on stuff and putting it in the truck to take it to the dump or recycling. An air compressor I bought in 1972 was in the shed. Can't remember why it got demoted and cast aside and it has a broken wheel. Into the truck it went. Been sitting there for a few days while the load accumulates.

Today my Air compressor died. Determined it was the pressure switch. After much consideration, I took the switch off the one in the truck and installed it on the other one. A bit of a struggle, but I got it and it works fine. They were both Sears compressors and the Part numbers were very similar. The specs were identical. Back in business.

So, this is why I'm a pack rat. Sometimes it pays off.

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