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Re: Sanding belt Rant/shopping local

Barry Irby
I actually called them, left a message, and they called me back at an awkward moment. So I didn't really have an opportunity to discuss the situation to them.

I feel they let me down. They knew I was stocking up and even though it was a small order for them, it was a fairly large one for me and that I expected at least some of the less popular belts to last a long time. That was their opportunity to point out the short shelf life.

It did not pay to be frugal and buy in bulk and stock up.

When I was struggling with the belt on my Performax failing They suggested they had no way to repair it. My belt was coming apart from left to right. It worked for a long time slowly getting worse and worse. I tried gluing it myself without much hope and it did not help or even seem to slow it down.

In this case, they could have offered something. A repair, or maybe a partial replacement or a discount on a future purchase? As it stands, I will not be buying anything else from them or supporting them in anyway. They do not get my thumbs up or any recommendation.

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