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Re: OT-check the calipers

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
If you haven't check the brake calipers. I have had them fail to fully return on more than one occasion. If you didn't change them it is possible the caliper is not letting the brake shoes return to the open position and causing the shoes to rub the rotor when the car is turned. I have also had the rubber brake line cause the same problem (twice) on older cars. Apparently a "flap" of rubber comes loose and works like a one way valve, I had the brakes rub the rotor for a time after I applied the brakes. In fact I had a local shop diagnose a brake problem as the caliper, I had them change the caliper, they drove the van out of the shop and the brake line caused the brakes to lock up!
They did remove the caliper and changed it back to the old one then replaced the line, the line cost more than the caliper!

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