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Barry Irby
I am also 68 and have worked with my hands a lot. I am getting some pains. I have a rubber balls about the size of a tennis ball in my car and i sometimes exercise them while I drive.

I have one painful toe. Seems odd to me, but when it acts up I message it a little and bend it as far as it will go with my hands and in both directions, like stretching it. Definitely helps and is not as painful as it sounds.

I take Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Two pills a day. My doctor scoffed, saying that any benefits were completely unproven/ non existent, but OTOH, it was as good a pain reliever as Tylenol and with no known side effects.

Doubt it would help my hands, but I am trying to convince myself to lose 25Lbs. I did it a few years ago but it has crept back on.

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