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Virgil Johnson
Use a combination square to scribe a line the desired distance from the end of the rod where you want the hole. Put a good heavy center punch mark on the rod next using the line you scribed. Put the rod in a regular drill press vice (punch mark up) and rotate the rod in the vice until the center punch mark is vertical.V block will work also. Use a scale to assure the mark is centered measuring from the vice jaw. Use a regular small diameter jobbers drill to "spot drill" the hole 1/16 or so deep. The small drill will flex and follow the punch mark. Next step up to the desired diameter. No need to clamp the vise in place as you want the bit to center on the punch mark. Center drills are just that. Drills to drill centers in the ends of shafts for live or dead centers. Probably the most misused/misunderstood bit in the world. ( I misused one today while drilling a 1/8 dia. hole through an 8 mm dia shaft)..:-)

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