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In the old days before the ubiquity of live centers, and it still works great today, if you drilled into the end of a rod with one of those, just short of the major diameter, what you end up with is a 60 degree angled hole, and a minor diameter hole in front of it. You fill the hole/reservoir with oil and the piece is ready for bearing on a fixed center in a metal working lathe. But good for spotting holes also.

A reasonable way of ensuring your bit will drill to the center of the rod is to place a piece of feeler stock, or any other flattish thing across the rod, carefully bring the drill bit (not powered) down onto the stock and if the drill is centered, the stock will remain flat, if it is off center, then you will cause the feeler stock to tip off like a see saw plank. Keep re-clamping until you get it pretty flat.

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